Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge


The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge (RPBIC) is a sport fishing tournament in Pahang, Malaysia that aims to promote conservation of billfish species while also providing a sustainable economic boost to the local community especially in eco-tourism industry.

RPBIC 2022

RPBIC 2019

RPBIC 2004

The First RPBIC Champion Trophy in 2004

The first RPBIC 2004 Champion

The first RPBIC Winners posed with their historical prizes

"The RPBIC is an annual off-shore fishing competition initiated in 2004 by the Joran Unit of Berita Harian, a popular Malay language national newspaper in Malaysia. "

RPBIC Objectives:

1. Conserve and protect billfish population by marketing catch & release sportfishing as a tourism product.

2. Provide an opportunities for our local anglers to experience participating in an international prestigious billfish competition.

3. Share positive economics impact of eco-tourism with local community.  Create alternative incomes for artisanal fisherman in eco-tourism industry as sportfishing boat operators, fishing guides, sportfishing professional as well as provide ground services for tourism industry.

4. Place Malaysia on the international map as one of the fishing destination of the world. 

5. Bring prestige to the Royalty of Pahang Internationally

The history...

Royal Pahang Billfish International (RPBIC) was an initiative by Mr Kamal Ahmad, as the Editor of the JORAN / Berita Harian Special Project in 2004. This is one of his initiatives which include Langkawi Koh Adang International Fishing Challenge (LangKAIFC) and Labuan International Fishing Challenge.

RPBIC was also later recognized as a qualifying event for the IGFA Offshore Championship final in Los Cabos, Mexico.  This international fishing challenge success can be attributed to support by many stakeholders.  Berita Harian could not do this without the support and cooperation of the Pahang State Government, Tourism Exco, Tourism Pahang, Tioman Development Authority (TDA), Petaling Garden and Lanjut Golden Beach Resort.

Certainly, there are many others behind the scenes to the success of this initiative such as fishing boat operators such as Janggut, Chong, Yazid Merchong, Major Ismail Feisol and PeMM, Ikan Masin & Anak - Ricky and Aboi.

So, the success of RPBIC on the world stage is not the effort of one person but a group of committed people and agencies who see it as a pride for Rompin, Pahang.

RPBIC was developed out of interest to utilize resources and particularly, to help boost local economy. Today, Rompin is a renowned for fishing on the world map. If you want to fish, you need to book a boat and wait for your turn ...

      Alhamdulillah, that is one of the economic impacts contributed by Unit Joran for the people in Rompin .... so do not listen to the rumors claiming they are the one who came up with RPBIC ...

     Our highest gratitude, respect and love to the Royal Pahang State Palace, who consented the title ROYAL PAHANG (Royal Pahang) to be used for this event name. Thanks to Datuk Maznah Mazlan, State Tourism Exco who was instrumental and supportive throughout the establishment and organization of RPBIC as well as Datuk Hashim Mat Tahir, your kind contribution are always remembered as I, Kamal and Team Joran remember the joy and achievements of RPBIC on the international podium." 

Translation from original FB post by Umbai Joran - founding team member RPBIC

1st RPBIC Team Members in 2004

A collaboration between Berita Harian (Joran), Persatuan Pemancing Malaysia and supported by Pahang state exco for Tourism.

Mr Kamal Ahmad

Editor of JORAN / Director Joran Berita Harian (BH)

Mejar (R) Ismail Feisol

Presiden PeMM (2004), ATM

Mr Zainuddin Ismail aka Umbai Joran

Founder GP Joran & Special Project Berita Harian (BH)

YH Dato' Sri Maznah Mazlan

Pahang State Exco for Tourism (2004)