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RPBIC 2023 - Sept 08 - 10th

Latest Changes RPBIC 2023 Fishing Competition

Welcome back to Rompin!

We would like to invite all team to register online for upcoming RPBIC 2023 which is scheduled on Sept 08 - 10, 2023.

We are introducing some changes to this year competition to make this event more exciting. We are also shifting the event closer to Rompin town center this year to increase potential economic impacts as well as increase engagement with local communities especially if for billfish conservation.  Billfish conservation effort is crucial to ensure RPBIC event continuity.

Among the new changes planned for this year are:

We are also working on a few other improvements from RPBIC 2022 which we will share more information later.  We shall continue with the changes introduced during prior.  The marshal will be assigned randomly to each boat on the morning of fishing day and we will have armed force personnel in our marshal team, random inspection of fishing gears to ensure compliance to IGFA requirements etc.

Last year we decided to forgo "Catch-Tag-Release" due to potential risk associated with bull shark.  We shall monitor the situation closely this year from early fishing season 2023 with help from local boat operators and anglers.

We can't wait to see you guys again next month.

RPBIC - The Way Forward!

The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge (RPBIC) is a sport fishing tournament in Pahang, Malaysia that aims to promote conservation of billfish species while also providing an economic boost to the local community.  Billfish conservation and maximizing benefits to local community is key for RPBIC continuity apart from continuous support from anglers from local and international. 

Therefore we wish to welcome strategic partners who could work with us in the following areas to help make the event better and bigger.

Implement best fishing practices: Encouraging the use of sustainable fishing practices, such as catch-tag-release to help conserve billfish populations and maintain the long-term viability of the tournament.

Encourage conservation-minded participants: promote the event to participants who are committed to conservation and sustainable fishing practices can help to raise awareness about the importance of billfish conservation and promote best fishing practices during the tournament.

Foster community engagement: Engaging local communities in the tournament, such as through educational programs, can help to build support for conservation efforts and encourage sustainable economic development in the region.

Support scientific research: Supporting scientific research into billfish populations and habitats can provide valuable information for conservation and management, and can also help to enhance the educational component of the tournament.

Develop partnerships with relevant organizations: Building partnerships with organizations that focus on marine conservation and sustainable fishing can help to raise awareness about the importance of billfish conservation and provide valuable resources and expertise to support the tournament.

Promote sustainable tourism: Encouraging sustainable tourism practices, such as eco-friendly accommodations and sustainable food and beverage options, can help to minimize the environmental impact of the tournament and promote sustainable economic development in the region.

By incorporating these strategies, the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge can become a model for sustainable sport fishing tournaments and help to promote conservation of billfish species while supporting the local economy.

RPBIC Past Strategic Partners & Sponsors

RPBIC 2022:

RPBIC 2019:

RPBIC Rules & Regulations Please click link for more information


RPBIC 2022

Meeting with Deputy Minister of Finance

We presented plan for RPBIC 2022 to YB Deputy Minister at Room 5, Level 4, Parliament Administrative Building on Thursday July 28th.  It was a very positive meeting and we truly appreciate the support and commitment given by Deputy Minister of Finance to ensure RPBIC event continuity.

Meeting with MCMC Pahang Office

Discussion with MCMC State Director and team on July 29, 2022, for an initiative to establish a direct radio communication channel from fishing boats to shore as part of risk management actions.  We are looking at both short-term and long-term solution. Immediate short term solution is to set up communication link between Pulau Berhala and Tanjung Batu.